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Is it difficult. Tks Frans Frech Malta. You can see more information about accessing Mirabilandia here. My wife and I are planning on going from Rome to Barga by train. Spending 5 nights and then going from Barga by train to Paris. We are concerned that there is very little luggage storage on some, or all, of these trains. You can check routes from Rome to Barga on trenitalia. Just let us know! Hi,thanks for an exhaustive article! Since we travel in the second week of september , we were wondering if its a good idea to book train tickets on the spot or in advance?

By doing that, you usually miss the chance to get a discount on your seat, which is only offered if you book in advance. But it does help for retaining some flexibility. I received a PNR code and seat assignments, and the message to retrieve tickets at the self-serve kiosk. We would suggest going to the train station in Brig and talking to the ticket desk to sort this out. We booked tickets for the Frecciargento from Rome to Florence. Are there any rules for luggage suitcases, bags when you will travel by Frecciargento? That said, though, be aware that you will have to lug all of your bags yourself and possibly up and down stairs, depending on the station , so do try to pack light.

Do I need to purchase two separate tickets? Neither of us have ever used the train system there before, and this article and many others have been a huge help! I do have a question, since I am unfamiliar with the train systems. We are planning on taking the trains from Naples to Cariati in Calabria.

Once in Paola we switch to regional trains, and some of the change times are short. One is 5 minutes. And no, 5 minutes is probably not enough to change trains. Instead, book your legs separately to allow for more time the price will be the same. Also, you can validate all of the tickets at the first station, before leaving. I was wondering how early we should arrive at the train station. We booked our trips online and I want to make sure we arrive early enough.

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Example — we will have a car take us from Positano to Naples train station. Our train leaves at 1pm. What time should we plan to arrive at the station? Also, what time do you think we should leave Positano? Our driver told us he would pick us up at 10am — the date is Wednesday, Sept.

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Your blog rocks!! Hi Leona, That timing should be fine. Thank you for all the information about how to travel on the trains. It cleared up alot for me. I do have a question. My wife and I are visiting Italy in September. We are flying into Naples we have transfers from the airport to our hotel. We plan to stay about three days in Naples and then take a train to Rome. How do we handle our luggage.

We will have three suitcases and a couple of carry ons. Do you check your bags as you would in an airport? Or do you cary them on to the train or does the conductor handle your bags. I was told not to trust someone who offered to store your bags even if they have a name ad picture badge. There are storage compartments on the train, both overhead for smaller bags and at the end of each compartment for larger bags.

Hello, what a helpfule website and election of walking tours! How long can I expect this to go on, and how else can I hope to book this specific train on-line, as I had hoped to? Hi Jeff, We feel your pain! Unfortunately, the Trenitalia site is full of glitches. Hi thank you for your help. I will be going to italy in October I am planning to book via trenitalia site.

My question is will it be necessary to have all passengers name exactly entered like in the passport?

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Hi Kate, Yes, the train station connected to the airport is Venice Mestre. Hi, I am travelling to Italy by the next week. I bought some train tickets to travel around there. My tickets are electronic tickets, so, my question is: do I have to validate on the yellow machine before riding on the train? And a second question is: is there any way to know what is the platform in which I have to board on the train or I have to look on the big screen in train stations?

And unfortunately, the only way to find out the platform is to get to the station and look at the screen. What a fabulous thread! I am traveling to Rome tomorrow early morning with my 15 yr old daughter. I will be then going to Cinque terre, Florence, Milan, Venice, Castelmona, Positano and back to rome to catch our flights back.

Questions: Do i need to do the reservations for all the above on the train? Where can i make cheap reservations as the reservations itself are pretty expensive? Taking the overnight from venice to Taormina. That said, booking in advance is the best way to get discounts, so we recommend doing so if you have a clear idea of your itinerary. Amber, we hope you had a wonderful trip!

We will be traveling from Switzerland to Salerno the last week of September. Do you have a suggestion for us about the route by train?

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Reading this blog is how we decided on Salerno. This is a great site. Flying to Italy next week for a Mediterranean Cruise. Also doing a bit of site seeing. Is there a direct train from Genoa to Florence? Do you have to exchange at Pisa? Thanks for your help. What is that about? Is there really going to be a train available for that date? But yes, there will be a train available for that date. First, a note to others. Many low fares are Frecciacarta fares, which appears to mean you need a special card account to buy those.

Do we need to obtain a ticket by punching in our code at a ticket machine, or does the code work on board just like the PNR—ticketless? Hi Doug, Thanks for those suggestions! As for your question, yes, the ticket code should be all you need when the conductor checks. Hi, does trenitalia allow return booking? I tried doing it but seems not working that way. Shall I do single trip booking only? Then book separately for the return to Rome?

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Of course this means transactions twice. Hope you can help me with this. Your site is very informative. Thanks for this.